Bicycle tours Homberg (Efze)

Explore Homberg Efze and the surrounding area on a bike saddle

Bicycle tours are extremely popular – and you can also do so in and around Homberg Efze spend wonderful time in the saddle. So if you want to do sports and that at the same time with the opportunity to explore the nature and surroundings of Homberg Efzes, there is a couple of great bike trails that you absolutely must ride. Here we have some options for one very special bike tour and its highlights put together for you.

The bike tour of the cultural sights – the Schwalm-Efze bike path

The Schwalm-Efze cycle path, which is well signposted for a bicycle tour, runs for 30 kilometres Treysa and Homberg Efze and takes you to places like Ziegenhain, Spieskappel and Frielendorf. The cycle paths on the Schwalm-Efze Weg mainly run through side streets and Farm roads, so no need to worry about excessive motorized traffic and can enjoy your bike tour undisturbed. Definitely worth stopping at a few Stop and explore stations along the route.

In Treysa the ruins of the Church of the Dead are waiting for you to admire them and in Ziegenhain the Museum der Schwalm impresses with exhibited traditional costumes of the region. If you there your You can continue the bike tour and arrive in Spieskappel in the monastery and its park pause and recharge your batteries for the rest of the way. A detour to Frielendorf is especially worthwhile for families. Here you can swim in the Silbersee, through the climbing park swing or race down the summer toboggan run – there really is something for everyone. In At the end of your bike tour, Homberg Efze not only awaits the historic old town with its Marketplace, but also the Hohlebach mill, where you can spend the night at the Mühle recover from an exciting day and an eventful bike tour.

Through forest and meadows – a bike tour through the Knüllwald

If our article about the Knüll wildlife park inspired you to visit the park, how would it be possible to add a bicycle tour to this visit? You don’t even come on a tour through the Knüllwald. You have two options – the short tour of around 27 kilometers through the Knüllwald or the 39-kilometre circuit. No matter for which of the two rounds you decide, with both it is, similar to the Schwalm-Efze cycle path, mostly over Country roads with little traffic.

The short round through the Knüllwald runs via Mühlbach, through the valley on the Efze long before heading uphill to Wallenstein, followed by Appenfeld and then to Grebenhagen goes. From there it goes left at the fork and after a small incline further down Salzberg and Raboldshausen. In the direction of Eisenberg, your bike tour then takes you on the bike path in the direction of Bad Hersfeld. In Aua you can take a short break at the beautiful village fountain, before heading back to Mühlbach.

If you want a longer bike tour, then we recommend the big tour around the Knullwald. This takes you past the Knüll wildlife park, over the Efze in the direction of Schellbach to you have arrived in Seckenhein. There you keep left and reach Allmuthshausen, there the route to Steinberg or Hülsa runs uphill – if you are on the way going downhill, you reach Appenzell and the Efze. Now it’s time for a change of direction and it goes right towards Grebenhagen, Salzberg and Raboldshausen to Aua. here you can then start the last stage of your bike tour, which takes you first to Mühlberg and then leads back to Homberg. Let yourself be carried away by the charming towns and villages on this route be enchanted by wonderful views.

A bicycle tour through Hesse on the Hessian long-distance cycle route R5

From Homberg Efze, you also have the option of cycling a few times via the Hessian long-distance cycle path interesting bike rides. The 234-kilometer route of the Hessian long-distance cycle path runs along routes that are also rather quiet with traffic from Willingen im Upland to Treffurt Thuringia. Not only Homberg Efze, but also Bad Wildungen or Rotenburg an der Fulda. The good signposting on the paths helps you not to get lost. So it makes sense to plan an overnight stay at the Hohlebach Mühle, because from there you can relax on a bike tour along the route of the Hessian long-distance cycle path and just enjoy the beautiful Hessian landscape.

The perfect end to a great day

You can end the eventful day in a relaxed manner. The Miller’s at the Hohlebach Mühle invites you to relax with its cozy atmosphere. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a delicious drink before an overnight stay at the mill gives you the ultimate recovery after your adventure in the wildlife park Knüll.


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